Can I try Diju for free?

Diju has a free trial of 7 days, where you can test all our functions. You can delete your account at the end of the trial.

Is it truly non-biding?

During your free trial, no credit cards details are required. As a subscriber of Diju services, you can cancel your subscribtion at any time.

Can I use Diju on all platforms?

Diju is avaialbe on all platform, or can be used directly on Word Online. There is no extra app to install. On your desktop or your phone, all Diju functionalities are available.

Am I helped when using Diju?

For our premimum users, Diju has a team to help them. For the others, you can send us requests through email

I am a law student, can I use Diju for free?

Yes, we have a specific offer for law students - with a valid email adress

Is Diju available for non professionals as well?

Yes, Diju is available for everyone: professionals and non professionals

Are the payments secure?

The payments are done through stripe which uses the latest encryption technology.

Are my data secure?

Your account details are stored securely on our server. Your bank details are even more secure : they are stored on our parnter which ensure bank quality encryption and no one at Diju has access to them